New Tuccoli-Phiequipe partnership – The Levriero models to be built in Collesalvetti

Phiequipe and Tuccoli are delighted to present their new partnership for the production of Levriero boats, the brand under which Phiequipe creations are sold. These will thus complement the current Tuccoli production.

The collaboration stems from a predisposition of the management of both companies to pursue continuous improvement of their products and expansion of their range.

Phiequipe’s specificity in design and engineering matches with the production capacity and seafaring artistry that are in Tuccoli’s DNA.

Tuccoli produces motor boats from 21 to 44 feet, mainly dedicated to sport fishing, very sturdy and seaworthy.

Phiequipe has a range of tenders and day cruisers from 11 to 21 feet. Size is only a quantitative indicator, as all of the yard’s products, regardless of size, are marine and built with great attention to detail. The aim is to guarantee the owner the best possible service from his Phiequipe, be it a service vessel or stand-alone boat.

The marine characteristics of crew protection, the possibility of experiencing the sea with great pleasure, the robustness of the construction, the attention to detail, and the search for new solutions tailored to the needs of each individual owner, are characteristics common to both companies, and which can be seen when you step aboard each of the boats. No matter whether it is an agile Levriero or a solid Tuccoli fisherman.

The first to be born from the synergy between the two Tuscan companies will be Phiequipe’s MB19 Jet Levriero, a tender with hydrojet transmission. The absence of a thruster is a perfect solution for the service boats of large yachts. Compared to a tender with a traditional transmission, inboard or outboard, a waterjet unit takes up less space in the garage and is safer to handle. It does not have a stern drive or propeller that require space and can get damaged or damage the mothership during handling.

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