VM Fishing Line

A long-established brand

A shipyard with 70 years of history, Tuccoli reinterprets the fisherman concept in a more versatility-oriented key. Technical and functional to meet the needs of even professional fishermen, Tuccoli boats are now built as recreational units, where nothing is left to chance: habitability, comfort, attention to detail are the hallmarks of beauty and well-made. 100% Made in Italy, from design to construction.


The boats in the Fishing line are designed and developed focusing on the fisherman and his needs, thanks to the advice of the 33-time world champion of boat fishing, Marco Volpi. In the models of the Fishing line you can find everything you need for your fishing passion: live bait tanks and catch basins, rod holders, showers, drawers, shelves. Everything is optimally arranged to facilitate fishing action, leaving you free to move around the boat with everything you need always at hand. What’s more, the boats in the Fishing line are prepared for the Minn Kota trolling engine, with wiring and power already carried in the bow. You can leave it on board fixed closed thanks to an internal design solution and remotely monitor it through the Garmin app, which also allows you to check battery levels and disconnect it when fully charged to preserve its life.


In order to ensure maximum safety at sea, Tuccoli focuses its design efforts on the quality of the material and the thicknesses given to each individual layer to achieve superior strength. Hand-laminated vinylester and polyester resins are used, sandwich-designed decks limit weight while guaranteeing the same strength, while structural grids reinforce the hull. The result is a boat that can face the toughest situations with confidence, including sailing in heavy seas and heavy stresses. The quality of the materials also guarantees the boat’s durability and its ability to maintain its waterproofing and mechanical characteristics. 


The boats in the Fishing line are designed for cruising at medium-high speeds, allowing you to arrive at your destination quickly and agilely, guaranteeing smooth sailing in all weather conditions, even in rough seas.

You can move from one fishing spot to another quickly or reach the coast easily in bad weather, while keeping fuel consumption low compared to classic sport boats.


Tuccoli boats make your outings at sea safe and comfortable in all weather conditions, thanks to water lines designed to navigate the dry, steep waves of the Mediterranean. High hulls and bow sides keep the deck dry and guarantee visibility from the helm position even in windy conditions, while the wide side-decks allow you to move easily. The geometries of the hull, with the deep V at the bow characteristic of the fisherman, the wide deadrise at the stern and the lateral support skids allow for stability both at anchor and when drifting.


Tuccoli allows you to change various details in your boat.
You can request structural changes within the limits of the design, choose accessories and optional extras.

Tuccoli allows you to have a boat that suits your style, your needs. Your boat.