Tuccoli: the Made in Italy fisherman turns into a yacht

Tuccoli, a shipyard with 70 years of history, reinterprets the fisherman boat category, transforming the concept under the sign of versatility. Technical, functional and designed to satisfy even professional fishermen, Tuccoli creations are recreational boats where nothing is left to chance: habitability, comfort, attention to detail are all in the name of beauty and quality. Pure Made in Italy, from design to construction.

Materials & Performance

Tuccoli hulls boast extraordinary qualities. The are the result of a careful mix of experience, gained with the construction of hundreds of hulls, and advanced technology, including the latest fluid-dynamic computation systems(CFD) which predict both seaworthiness and speed capabilities with negligible approximation. The result are water lines optimized to face our seas, where waves are closer and steeper than the oceanic ones. The shape holding resulting from the length/width ratio is enhanced by the enlarged loofs that further reduce rolling motion, making the difference for both the fisherman and his family when the boats are used for pleasure purposes. The quality of the hydrodynamic project is enhanced by the speed that Tuccoli boats are able to deliver in all weather conditions thanks to a special V-hull geometry that remains well pronounced from the bow to the stern sections. Fundamental to fully exploit the engine thrust is a careful weight distribution on board, which ensures a balanced trim that prevents the helmsman from using flaps while improving the easy handling of the boat.


One of the greatest ambitions of every boat owner is to buy not a boat, but his own boat which can satisfy him not only in terms of aesthetics and marine qualities but also in terms of functionality and comfort on board. With its range, Tuccoli is able to meet every customer’s request so that his fisherman responds as much as possible to what he likes or is used to. Here too, technology and craftsmanship, which are part of the yard’s wealth of experience, give added value (tailor-made one might say) to every model built.


Fishing is a very strong passion and those who enjoy it, in order to increase their catching chances, constantly look for top equipment even when it comes to choosing their fisherman. Tuccoli meets their needs with a “fishing machine” line designed and built to withstand the sea and time. High and wedgelike bows, wide and protective loofs, cockpits with low bulwarks are some of the main distinctive technical features of the range. But Tuccoli creations are, first of all, boats designed to discover what is not visible to the naked eye. Design and construction, the result of the considerable know-how gained in 70 years of activity, are focused on building sturdy boats, without skimping on materials. The hulls are built with the use of a special resin-coated girder for the bottom and plating – a solution that guarantees excellent sturdiness as well as low vibrations and creaking – with structural reinforcements in certified Okumè plywood- the most water-repellent wood – to ensure durability.
Layering in Tuccoli boats is classic, aimed at obtaining one-piece hulls, and uses vinylester resin for the first fibre skins – it is the best solution to prevent osmosis – and polyester resin for the last ones. The whole is protected by a generous layer of gelcoat: 1.8 mm instead of the 1.5 usually used by competitors.

Tuccoli: people first

Paolo SanguettolaChief Executive and Legal Representative
A passionate sailor, he has embraced the cause of the most convinced sailing enthusiasts among motor-boaters: fishermen.
He marrired twice, one with his wife and the other with the island of Capraia. His wife has always owned motorboats, so 15 years ago he climbed on board a Tuccoli with which he sailed all over the Mediterranean.
The idyll was so involving that, instead of buying a new model, he bought the boatyard and turned his passion into an entrepreneurial choice.
With his entrance in the company, new models and new professional figures came. Starting from designer Oris Martino D’Ubaldo, whom he is connected with for his original entrepreneurial idea: it is possible to build beautiful, good and affordable boats that respect both builders, users and the environment.
Marco TuccoliSite Manager & Production Manager
Historical memory and blood tie with the origin of the brand. Son of Ivano, the master shipwright who founded the shipyard after the Second World War, Marco joined the company in the 70’s and has always used his hands to build boats, from the first wooden ones to the latest fiberglass models. In his ten-year career, he has designed and built any type of boat, from 18 to 44 feet in length. Still today, there is no detail that is not seen and approved by him.
Oris Martino D’UbaldoDesigner
He still has to decide whether his most overwhelming passion is sailing or design. The latter, meanwhile, has become his main activity, to the point that he has also created the architecture and naval design studio Skyron Lab. Born in 1984 before becoming the Tuccoli shipyard’s reference pencil, he designed the Mini 650 Wevo, which brought Italian design back to oceanic competitions, and the Grand Soleil 34 Performance, which brought Cantiere del Pardo’s boats back on the podium of the most important long Mediterranean races such as the 151 Miglia, the Palermo/Montecarlo and the Roma X 2.
Alessandro Dell’InnocentiMarketing Manager
His involvement in the nautical world starts as a boat owner. He started working with the Vismara shipyard when he commissioned his prototype. His involvement during the construction phase was so important that he decided to work there. Selected to deal with sales and marketing, he chose to start his adventure with Tuccoli boats because he was convinced of the quality of both the project and the people involved.
Tommaso RazzautiPurchasing Department - Logistics – Events
The Razzauti family has been active in yachting and fishing sectors for three generations. Engaged with the Tuscan shipyard since the previous management, he has known Marco Tuccoli for as long as he can remember. A very resourceful and talented man, he plays all the roles and does everything that is needed within the company.