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«That’s why after four months I love my T210VM more than the first day»
The following is the entire letter that Walther Tujach, owner of a Tuccoli T210 VM, sent to Alessandro Degl’Innocenti, the yard’s marketing manager, to describe his experience after four months. […]
New Tuccoli-Phiequipe partnership – The Levriero models to be built in Collesalvetti
Phiequipe and Tuccoli are delighted to present their new partnership for the production of Levriero boats, the brand under which Phiequipe creations are sold. These will thus complement the current […]
Marcello Gherbin: “I fell in love with Collesalvetti fishermen to the point of becoming a Tuccoli Ambassador”.
Is it possible to fall so much in love with a boat that you want to become its ambassador? If the boat is a Tuccoli and if the lover is […]
Mauro and his Tuccoli T280 Spigola. A 20-year-long love affair
If boatyard customers were all like Mauro, the boat manufacturers would have no need to advertise in the media. In his absolute normalcy, simply boating whenever his professional commitments allowed […]
Alberto and his custom-built Tuccoli T280; a unique boat
Alberto is on his first experience as a cabin cruiser owner. He has chosen the outboard Tuccoli T280, but in a custom-built version. Why this choice? He tells it like […]
Inboard or outboard. How to choose the best engine for your fisherman
Inboard or outboard? A question that either out of chatter or because they have to make a choice, all boaters have asked themselves. The second question is better one engine […]
Bluefin tuna spinning
Bluefin tuna  (Thunnus thynnus) spinning is one of the coolest and most exciting sea fishing specialties of modern times. It can be practiced anywhere in the open sea, on the […]
Tuccoli T250 VM: the beautiful and well made fisherman, signed by a champion
The 2019 Genoa Boat Show will be a good occasion to choose your boat, whatever your passion is. Among fisherman boats, the most important novelty comes from Tuccoli, a shipyard […]
The two versions of the Tuccoli T 250 in world premiere at the Genoa Boat Show
A new model of fisherman, the Tuccoli T250, presented in two versions. This is how the shipyard of Collesalvetti (Li) presents itself, which in two years of new corporate structure […]
Deep-water trolling in the Scylla Sea
Fast deep-water trolling is a sport fishing technique where artificial baits are used. It is an extraordinarily exciting fishing method, often associate with offshore navigation and huge fully-equipped fisherman boats. […]
Tuccoli T370 Coupé. A brand-new second-hand
Tell the truth. You’ve always liked fisherman boats. Their shape, defined overseas, betrays their purpose. They must respond to specific functions: to give the fisherman a means with important geometries […]
Nicola, there is no two without three. The first T280 EB of 2020 goes to him
Nicola has just bought his third Tuccoli boat. His passion dates back to his adolescence, when he sailed on board a Flying Junior and went fishing on a power paddle […]