The biggest of the Tuccoli fishermen,
to go where you didn’t think it was possible
and stay there as long as you want.
Even with your family.


A design based on the experience of dozens of fishermen

The Tuccoli T280 is an extraordinary fisherman, optimized thanks to the suggestions of dozens of fishermen who have chosen it. The hull is specially designed to deliver premium performance, with a maximum speed of 45 knots, and stability at anchor. The deck is designed to facilitate fishing action without fishermen or equipment getting in the way. Available in both inboard, shaft line and outboard versions. All this in just 9.13 metres overall. A world of pros in a registration-free boat.

A fisherman for those who think big

The cockpit is accessed through a hatch in the transom. The height of the bulwark is fundamental for the support of the fisherman engaged in fights and catches as well as being safer for everyone.

Live and catch tanks (customisable in size and presence) are located in the transom as well as near the co-pilot’s couch. There is a large locker under the cockpit floor and numerous other stowage sites located in every available space.

The deck accommodates a four-square-metre cockpit and three square metres of sunbathing areas.

A fishing-oriented helm station

On the T280, you can use the ergonomic helm station to accommodate all the electronics you need, plus multiple displays. For seating there is an adjustable seat to suit your physical configuration without forcing you to adapt to the dashboard. For those accompanying you, there is a two-seat co-pilot’s couch.

The helm station is well protected by a 280 x 225 cm hard top that allows you to enjoy the boat all year round. In the summer heat, you can remove the wind panel and let the air circulate freely.

Technical Specs


Length: 8,44 mWidth: 3,04 m  Draft: 1,00 m
Displacement: 5700 kg (with engines)Water Tank Capacity: 105 l Fuel Tank Capacity: 2×270 l 
Cruising Speed (approx): 24 knFuel Consumption (approx): 42 l/hTop Speed (approx): 31kn
Max Power: 2×248 HPDesign Category:
C – 6 people | D – 8 people


Length: 8,63 mWidth: 3,04 m Draft: 0,90 m
Displacement: 4400 kgWater Tank Capacity: 105 l Fuel: 410 l 
Cruising Speed (approx): 26-28 knFuel Consumption (approx): 45 l/hMax Speed (approx): 42kn
Max Power: 2×300 HPDesign Category:
C – 6 people| D – 8 people


Born to face the steep Mediterranean waves

Built to strict American fisherman’s standards for more sturdiness and longevity, with structural grids reinforcing the hull and variable fibreglass laminate thicknesses ranging from 8 mm on the side to 15 mm on the keel. In this way, material is only put where it is needed, weight is optimized and performance is guaranteed. Hand-laminated vinylester and polyester resins were used for the lamination. On the other hand, the deck was designed ‘sandwich style’, to limit weight while maintaining strength. The water lines, an evolution of the legendary Tuccoli hulls, are designed to cope with the dry and steep waves of the Mediterranean, with a deep V at the bow and an ideal deadrise angle for cruising speeds of between 26-27 knots and 42 knots for the T280 Outboard and between 24 and 36 knots for the T280 Inboard.

A sleeping zone for 4

The interior of the T280 makes good use of the depth of the V and the generosity of the hull volumes. A galley with double hob, sink and refrigerator is located to the left of the descent, while opposite is a 2.7 square metre dinette with a table for four that can be converted into a double berth if an extra couple needs to be accommodated. In the bow is the master cabin, 2.90 metres long and 1.90 metres wide, served by a head with a marine toilet, sink and shower.

Inboard or outboard, the choice is yours

Choose the thrust you prefer. You can choose from two engine options available. Twin outboards with total power between 400 and 600Hp with all the advantages in terms of purchase costs, running economy and available space on board. A second cabin can be inserted in the engine room volume to increase the number of berths available to six, for example. Alternatively, you can choose to install inboard diesel or petrol engines from the best manufacturers: Volvo, Yanmar or VM. The reliability and simplicity of the shaft line, more concentrated weights and lower consumption at medium cruising speeds.

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