T250 VM

The perfect option to enjoy an uncompromised sea experience


Designed for your by a world fishing champion

The on-board layout is designed to optimize fishing in a boat of great content. The central console with deck, accessories and water lines has been designed with the advice of the 33-time world fishing champion Marco Volpi, according to the needs of an angler who looks for easy movement on board, without rods, nets or fishermen banging around everywhere, but still having everything at hand and arranged.

A pure fisherman to enjoy your passion to the full

When the going gets tough, the T250VM gets going. Fishing machine par excellence and uncompromised. An evolution of the historic Tuccoli fisherman, with a new deck and renewed water lines to make the most of the new, powerful outboard thrusters. It allows you to move quickly around the fishing area even in rough seas. The geometries of the hull, with the deep V at the bow, the wide deadrise at the stern and the side support skids guarantee stability both at anchor and in drifting to let you concentrate on fishing and not on keeping your balance.

Three different seats to choose the one that suits you best

The VM Seat offers a comfortable bench seat for 4 adults, with a storage drawer that can be divided into compartments and an insulated fish tank. The Gourmet Seat, on the other hand, includes a backrest, a sink and cooker for cooking a superb dinner with your fresh catch. The Leaning Post features an integrated backrest, storage compartment and worktop, plus an optional sliding fridge under the seat to keep food and drinks chilled. Perfect for toasting with partners and friends. And to keep everything cool at a controlled temperature.

Technical Specs

Length: 7,77 mWidth: 2,55 m Draft: 0,58 m
Displacement: 2200 KgWater Tank Capacity: 70 l Fuel Tank Capacity: 310 l 
Cruising Speed (approx): 26-27 knFuel Consumption (approx): 35 l/hTop Speed (approx): 40 kn
Max Power: 350 HPDesign Category:
C – 6 people | D – 8 people

A real captain’s bridge

The helm station is designed to facilitate your fishing actions. Three levels, each with a shelf enclosed by a smoked plexiglass edge, to place everything you need to always be available and within reach, even in rough seas. The configuration also allows you to accommodate the on-board electronics you want and the largest displays on the market. It accommodates the main engine throttles and the trolling petrol engine, as well as all the controls you need to steer your Tuccoli.

Compact and trailerable, but with all the space you need

Compact on the outside, at 7.50 metres long and 2.54 metres wide, but big on the inside, with a cockpit footprint of 4.30 square metres: for moving around without getting in the way. There is also ample freedom of movement on the decks, facilitated by the 35 centimetres width of the side-decks: you can rush to the bow without slamming your shoulders or feet on the boat. Given its small size, it can be towed with a normal road trolley. Perhaps to fish in a different place every day.


Born to face the steep Mediterranean waves

Built to strict American fisherman’s standards for more sturdiness and longevity, with structural grids reinforcing the hull and variable fibreglass laminate thicknesses ranging from 8 mm on the side to 15 mm on the keel. In this way, material is only put where it is needed, weight is optimized and performance is guaranteed. Hand-laminated vinylester and polyester resins were used for the lamination. On the other hand, the deck was designed ‘sandwich style’, to limit weight while maintaining strength. The water lines, an evolution of the legendary Tuccoli hulls, are designed to cope with the dry and steep waves of the Mediterranean, with a deep V at the bow and an ideal deadrise angle for cruising speeds of between 26-27 knots and 40 knots.

Leave Minn Kota on board and safe. No more extra encumbrance

Prepared for the Minn Kota trolling motor -which you can buy directly from us together with the long-life battery- with wiring and electricity already carried in the bow. Thanks to an internal design solution, you can leave it on board secured indoors in the forepeak. So you can avoid carrying it into the boat and taking it out again every time you return to port. You thus avoid taking up space in your car and loading up with bulky luggage. A thief-proof solution, also because thanks to the Garmin app you can keep the Minn Kota under remote video surveillance, as well as check the battery level and disconnect it when fully charged. So you’ll always have this great tool to be quiet, accurate and fish more efficiently without worrying about anything but using it.

Outboard propulsion: minimum expense, maximum output

The use of an outboard propulsion unit has undoubted benefits. Cheaper to buy for the same horsepower, it is easier to install, maintain and in case you decide to change it. Moreover, the space that in an inboard or sterndrive is allocated to the engine room is used as storage space and without taking away usable surface area in the cockpit.

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