Vincenzo, new Tuccoli owner. «Why I chose the T250VM»

Vincenzo is a veterinarian, hunter and fisherman. “I like the contact with nature,” he says as if to explain why so many passions bring him into continuous contact with animals and their environment. Vincenzo, now on his umpteenth boat, has always looked for a craft he could rely on to indulge his fishing passion. “I have always gone to sea, ever since I was a child. And I started fishing after a very short time. That’s why I need a boat to serve me in this sense”. And that is why he was the first owner to receive a T250VM in 2020. “I used to go to sea with a friend’s boat. Then, due to personal events, combining the two needs, the friend’s and mine, had become difficult. So I decided to get a boat of my own”

Fishing, what a passion!

What kind of boat was the one you used for your outings?

“It wasn’t new, it was about 20 years old, but it was fine. I also liked it a lot, but it had some size limits for me. It was 6.30 metres long and I needed something bigger. I looked around for a while and then, thanks also to the chance of having a Tuccoli next to my berth at Roccella Jonica (the first T28 with flybridge, ed) and having tried it out with the owner, a dear friend of mine, I decided to go to the Genoa Boat Show to see what this new proposal could be like live and here I am, waiting for the launch…”

You, what boat were you looking for?

“A fisherman’s boat. Sturdy, fast when needed, stable at anchor, with plenty of room to fish and stow stuff and few unnecessary frills.”

Waiting for the Tuccoli T250 VM

What will your T250VM be like?

“Exactly like the one I saw in Genoa. An identical boat to Marco Volpi’s, including the engine, which will be the Suzuki DF300B, with a double counter-rotating propeller on a single axis.”

A world champion boat… you, what kind of fisherman are you?

“Not a pro, but not a throw-away either. Let’s say I give myself a 7 on the report card (but judging by the catches in the photo, you could say I’m a professor who’s not too wide of the mark when it comes to evaluating himself, ed.

And how many fishing trips do you treat yourself to each year?

‘Not as many as I would like, between 70 and 80 outings. Not necessarily all day, maybe just a few hours. Unfortunately, work constrains me and I’m waiting to finally retire so that I can spend more days at sea’.

And what kind of fishing do you do?

Tuna fishing, deep sea fishing and trolling. Let’s say that I specialise in these three activities. Although I realize that with other types of fishing I could learn something new (laughs)’.

Why a Tuccoli boat

Vincenzo con la figlia Giulia, anche lei veterinaria.

When you saw the Tuccoli T250VM what struck you most?

“The hull design. After testing it, I found comfort in what I had imagined when I saw those hull shapes. Then the aesthetics in general and the finish. You don’t see many boats like that. And certainly not at these costs and designed for the Med. Last but not least, I liked the people, a lot. Let’s say they were very effective in convincing me that I was taking the right step.

Did you find any flaws?

‘More than flaws they are errors of youth, which I think are normal in a prototype like the T250VM I saw. Details that in part had already been taken into account by the shipyard and others that I requested to be fixed. Some hinges, some fastenings, minor things, in short: just finishes, nothing structural.

At this point all that remains is to give Vincenzo an appointment at the beginning of March when he will be handed the keys to the boat by our two Marks: Tuccoli, the builder, and Volpi the fisherman. Roccella Jonica, here we come! (also because, judging by the pictures, Vincenzo is also a great cook…)

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