«That’s why after four months I love my T210VM more than the first day»

The following is the entire letter that Walther Tujach, owner of a Tuccoli T210 VM, sent to Alessandro Degl’Innocenti, the yard’s marketing manager, to describe his experience after four months. Despite permission to cut out what we wanted we left his entire report intact. Here are his words.

“Hi Ale,

I write you the pure truth, then cut and sew as you like you have permission. Four months have passed since the delivery of ‘my boat’, the second Tuccoli T210 VM. Right from the start I felt it was mine, because of the constant dialogue with the yard to get the changes I wanted and for which I thank everyone, from the first to the last employee, for their patience. During my first visit to the shipyard, they welcomed me like family in the construction of the hull”

Tuccoli T210 VM
Il Tuccoli T210 VM in navigazione

Tuccoli performance at sea

Now to the interesting part: how it goes at sea, how you feel it. After four months, the first evaluations. I’ve always done a bit of everything in a boat: trolling, boating, squid fishing.

Let’s start with trolling. At minimum speeds it doesn’t roll despite the very deep V-shaped hull. The seat is very comfortable for all operations and we can easily fit two people in it, and the thing that should not be underestimated is that the gunwale rod holders are immediately at hand for all the adjustments if you are fishing, as in my case, with a lead rod.

On mine I chose the seat designed by Marco (Volpi, editor’s note) because of the friendship that binds us and I must say that it is incredible in terms of functionality, everything fits in it and everything is always dry and free of humidity.

Initially I saw the live bait tank as small, but I can confirm that five horse mackerel can live there happily for hours.

At anchor, again

Anchor fishing was the best surprise, being a competitive angler in this discipline it is the fishing I practice the most. Where I live, in Trieste, the thermal wind practically visits us every day.

The boat at anchor during the mackerel trips is functional to the max, stable, and free of lurching even with two people on the same side. The cockpit is generous and even though at least two Igloo thermal boxes and the pastures are always present, you can fish quietly without the feeling of a mess. The generous and dry lockers allow me to store my equipment.

Let’s move on to the console, the part that I make the most of: everything fits in there, nothing falls out and everything is within easy reach, sheltered by the T-top that I find well-designed and functional to the max: it shelters the sun very well and the plexiglass on the console allows you to go out in the winter without getting splashed or cold wind.

The forepeak is the highlight of my T210: I put everything in it, even my mother-in-law.

gavone Tuccoli T210 VM
Il gavone di prua del Tuccoli T210 VM

Mmmh, nice and firm…

The whole boat, when you hit it with your knuckles you feel it’s full, the footstep feels like concrete, where you tap it sounds dense and compact: the standard of construction highly amazed me.

Now, in four months I’ve taken some sea, and always safely and with a feeling of solidity.

The first baptism was in August with a sirocco, I was out at 12 miles and came back with a swell without ever going crazy with trim and flap adjustments. The boat sailed without thrashing or heeling, it felt like surfing on the waves, and that very deep V of the hull also allows you to push on the throttle safely.

Bora blows in Trieste

The second baptism had to come and it did, for us Triestines the ‘bora’.

The boat surprised and amazed me, with 25 knots of bora I was sailing at 18 knots smoothly. Those who know my gulf know that the waves do not have a continuous direction, the bora blows irregularly from east-northeast with gusts from different directions.

I sailed with a feeling of solidity under my feet, the boat surprised me, the hull broke the waves without recoil: in essence, sailing above expectations from my point of view.

Walther Tujach a bordo del suo Tuccoli T210 VM

There is no rose without thorns (but only a few…)

Let’s move on to the negative things because perfection does not exist. Mine is the T210 VM number 2 and a few changes need to be made, but they are all minor: the decanter filter more handy, a few gaskets to be revised, but the quality and structure are the strong point of this highly Mediteranean fisherman

The only advice I can give to those who still don’t know her or who have doubts about the choice is: try her out and experience her a lot and then you’ll understand what kind of hull you have under your feet.

Here’s Ale just pure, healthy truth.

Last thing, we’ll catch up with you.

Thank you, a hug.


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