Tuccoli T370 Coupé. A brand-new second-hand

T370 coupé

Tell the truth. You’ve always liked fisherman boats. Their shape, defined overseas, betrays their purpose. They must respond to specific functions: to give the fisherman a means with important geometries in the bow for the best protection at sea. The stern, on the other hand, is lower, to facilitate fishing and the recovery of prey. In addition, they are fast and well-built. Because sports fishermen go fishing even when the other yachtsmen stay ashore due to adverse weather conditions.

T370 coupé

With the Tuccoli T370 Coupé, you can finally make your dream come true. It’s a pure Made in Italy product. Tuccoli has been manufacturing boats for 70 years. Perfect for anglers, this boat can satisfy even a less specific use. More familiar, we can say. Ideal for those who want to enjoy the sea and navigation at 360 degrees: sea- and sun bathing, cruising,fast transfers, convivial moments with friends. In short, no limits to the enjoyment.

T370 coupé

This Tuccoli 370 Coupé was launched in September 2018. Her use has been limited to sea trials, official presentations and boat shows, where you have probably visited her.

T 370 Coupé, the first model of the new Tuccoli generation

In fact, when she came, she was the watershed between the old Tuccoli production and this new one characterized by a special focus on finishes, details and versatility of use.

If you have already visited her, maybe you remember her interiors: the small beach in the stern, the transom with the opening passage to the cockpit and the closable sofa in the cockpit. You may also remember her interior layout. A dinette coplanar with the cockpit and convertible into a third cabin thanks to the dining table with telescopic leg. A table that, when not in use, disappears into a space hidden by the seat. It can also be used as a locker. Just as the other three stools disappear under the cabinet on the starboard side. And you won’t have missed the double window opening on the ceiling. During the day, it lets the natural light enters; at night, it is darkened with two sliding curtains.

If you haven’t seen her yet, we tell you that the lower half-deck houses: a comfortable galley; two cabins, with the master one in the bow and the second cabin with two separate beds that can become a single thalamus; two separate bathrooms.

The Tuccoli 370 Coupé has only a hundred hours of engine hours: she has just learned to walk. Power comes from two Volvo D6 inboard diesel engines, 370HP each, with in-line transmission. The dashboard is equipped with everything you need to navigate in total safety, from bow thruster controls to chartplotter.

As for entertainment, the boat has a TV system with digital antenna, stereo radio and speakers, mobile phone chargers and many personal electronic devices. And for the fisherman’s needs: deck washing pump and rod holder. Sunbathing enthusiasts can enjoy a comfortable sun pad in the bow.

If you have already visited the T370, you certainly remember her yellow color. as well as her red upholstery. Well, if you were not convinced  about this, now you can choose the colour option you prefer. White or blue, it’s all included in the offer.

What about the price?

Well, the boat is offered for sale at EUR 347,000, VAT excluded. Unit number one, custom colour and upholstery included, is for sale at EUR 230,000, VAT excluded. Don’t waste time. Contact us by phone ( +39 340 97 21 154) or e-mail.

Tuccoli 370 Coupé Technical Specs

Loa  9.98 m
Maximum beam 3.70 m
Draft 0.90 m
Displacement 8,500 kg
Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta D6 370 hp
Fuel Capacity 880 l
Fresh water Capacity  270 l
Cabins 2
Berths 4 + 1
Bathrooms 2
CE  Category B
Passengers Capacity 10 people

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